Park Shelter Reservation Info

  • All park shelter reservations are entered in ACTIVE Net.  If you do not yet have an account in ACTIVE Net, please create one by clicking on Create Account
  • FULL PAYMENT OF FEES & DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED at the time of reservation and is the responsibility of the renter. 
  1. Park Shelter reservations will be accepted IN PERSON, beginning JANUARY 2 – JANUARY 5, 2018 with online reservations beginning Monday, January 8, 2018.
  2. Shelters are available to rent from MAY 1 through SEPTEMBER 30 of the CURRENT calendar year.
  3. Phone registrations are not accepted.
  4. FULL PAYMENT OF FEES & DEPOSIT ARE REQUIRED at the time of reservation and the responsibility of the renter. 
  5. You may add a beer permit or upper South Park kitchen rental at a later date with payment.
  6. NO REFUNDS due to inclement weather.  
  7. A certain number of days have been set aside for community events.
  8. Checks are payable to: City Of Waupaca
    • CITY  RESIDENT FEE: Residents who live within the city limits of Waupaca
    • NON-CITY  RESIDENT FEE: All residents who live outside of city limits of Waupaca, e.g., all township residents, etc. 
  9. TENT RENTALS:  NO TENTS with stakes are allowed unless approval on size and location is given through the Parks and Recreation Director or Parks Supervisor. If a tent is put up without prior approval the renter will be responsible for any damages to parks facilities that occur as a result.


*Contact the Rec Center for more information, (715) 258-4435

Rules and Refunds

Shelter Fees