Rec Center Rental Info

Many people find the Rec center a GREAT place to have a birthday party, baby shower or family gathering. Traveling sports teams enjoy the benefits of renting the gym for their teams.  During the winter months space fills up fast, so please check ActiveNet, stop in or call and inquire if a date is available. Payment is required at the time of rental.

  • There is no alcohol, tobacco products or concealed weapons allowed in the Rec Center.
  • Only one party will be booked during weekend hours, per day to avoid any issues with overlapping reservations. 
  • Rentals should include the time needed for any setup, the party time and the cleanup time needed after the reservation.

APPROVED Facility Use Policy – Jan 2017

Areas available to rent

Click HERE to view availability on ActiveNet for rooms or gym space! Click on “View Availability”!

Reserve park shelters, Rec Center rooms and register for adult and youth recreation programs through ActiveNet

  • Lobby/Concession Stand Area 

IMG_0043 IMG_0045

  • Stage/Batting Cage Area –


  • Exercise Studio 


  • Augie Austin Gym 


  • Blue Gym