Standard Business

Features of Small Business Service

  • Name the speed you want.  Speeds up to 12Mbps available to most customers.  A good starting speed would be between 3Mbps – 6Mbps.  Speed can always be adjusted.
  • Ethernet attachment to your computer or router
  • Professional Installation
  • Works with Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Mac OS, iOS and Android
  • Unlimited Internet Access (No data limits or content restrictions)
  • True public internet IP address, one static available at no extra charge upon request
  • Upload speeds match your download speed up to 4Mbps!

Pick the Speed You Need

Internet is sold in 1Mbps increments.  Choose and pay for exactly what you need!

  • 1Mbps – 3Mbps –> Great for general internet usage.  Perfect for a business with small bandwidth requirements (bar, restaurant or retail).
  • 3Mbps – 6Mbps –>  Good for a small office, 2-10 employees.  Perfect speed if providing WI-fi to your customers.
  • 7Mbps – 12Mbps (Please ask us about availability) –> Great for business with high bandwidth needs.  Numerous large file transfers or public facing servers.
  • Have higher demand or enterprise needs?  Learn more about Business Broadband Plus.

Additional Options

In City – Business Out of City – Business
Monthly Service Fee $30.00/month $50.00/month
*Monthly Service Fee includes insurance/replacement on provided equipment; technical support for internet connection and 1Mbps bandwidth
Bandwidth Fee $3.00 per 1Mbps increment $3.00 per 1Mbps increment
Setup/Installation Fee $120 – if split over first three bills $95 – if paid up front on first bill $120 – if split over first three bills $95 – if paid up front on first bill

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Pricing Example

Out of City Business @ 3Mbps Speed
Monthly Service Fee $50.00
Bandwidth Fee
(Internet Fee already includes 1Mbps)
2Mbps * $3.00 = $6.00
Total $56.00/month