Community Conversations

Waupaca Radio opens up time for area community groups, non-profit organizations, schools and government units to talk about what’s going on.

“What’s Happening Waupaca – Community Conversations” allows these groups to sign up for regular recurring airtime on a quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly basis.  This way you and Waupaca Radio know when you will be here to record a segment.

Waupaca Radio staff is here to guide these segments if desired or you and other members of your group can come in and let your personality shine.  These segments are great to promote an upcoming event, share an educational topic with the community, talk about what your organization does or draw awareness to a need.

Below is our recording schedule to see when your group is scheduled or what times are available:

2nd Wednesday of the Month
8:00am Jane LeGault/FVTC Waupaca
8:12am Marci Reynolds/Thedacare
8:24am Marci Reynolds/Thedacare
9:00am Joe Jones/Waupaca Rotary Club



Henry Veleker/City of Waupaca

Amber/WI Vets Home @ King

Peg Burington/Waupaca Area Public Library


Waupaca Radio “Pop-In” Hours

When Staff is Available for Simple, Quick projects. No Appointment necessary!

1st Week of the Month

Tuesday – Chris – 2:30pm-4pm

Saturday – Mark – 11am-1pm


2nd Week of the Month

Tuesday – Wayne – 3pm-5pm

Wednesday – Josh – 8am-10am

Saturday – Mark – 11am-1pm


3rd Week of the Month

Wednesday – Josh – 8am-10am


4th Week of the Month

Tuesday – Chris – 2:30pm-4pm

Saturday – Mark – 11am-1pm



All of the above schedules are suspended for legal holidays, and the weeks of the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.