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January 2022

 Garbage/Recycling Program

New in 2022, learn more.

Downtown Incentive Program

Improve and upgrade downtown buildings. 

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Request for Bids: City Hall Lobby Floor Replacement and Installation

Sealed bids for the City Hall Lobby Floor Replacement & Installation will be received and read at 1:00 pm on Wednesday February 9, 2022 at the office of City Clerk, City of Waupaca, 111 S. Main Street, Waupaca, Wisconsin 54981. Bids must be sealed and clearly labeled on the outside…

Employment: Senior Center Supervisor

The City of Waupaca seeks an experienced, motivated professional for the position of Senior Center Supervisorin the Parks and Recreation Department. The Senior Center Supervisor will oversee planning and coordinationof all Senior Center activities. This position, under the direction of the Park and Recreation Director, will beresponsible for planning, teaching,…

Managed Deer Hunt 2022

The City of Waupaca is getting ready to host a managed deer hunt to help reduce the deer population within city limits. The purpose of this is to help mitigate damage to plants and deer/vehicle accidents within the city limits. Here are the details of this managed hunt: • Hunt…


In an effort to minimize the health and environmental impacts of mercury in our community, an ongoing take-back program is being conducted at City Hall in Waupaca.  The City of Waupaca will accept mercury thermometers, fluorescent lamps/bulbs, Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL’s) and mercury-containing thermostats at no charge.  Drop-offs will be…

City of Waupaca Notice of Non-Candidacy

Alderperson Alan Kjelland filed Notice of Non-Candidacy for the 5th Aldermanic District, consisting of Wards 5 & 10.

Employment: Part-time Internet Technician & Customer Service Specialist

You want a job with a lot of variety, you desire to be part of the solution to bring better internet to rural Waupaca and Outagamie counties, you don’t mind climbing a ladder, you love learning about technology AND you want in on the ground floor of a major expansion…

River North Residential Development

City officials are in the process of creating Waupaca’s newest residential neighborhood. City Administrator Aaron Jenson and Mayor Brian Smith have the details.

Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter

Look for typical problem areas:  Check unheated basements regularly. Look for pipes near broken or open windows.  Look at pipes near foundation walls or near cracks in the foundation.  Identify exposed pipes outside your home. Freezing pipes can be detected by: Unusually cold water temps (less than 35° F).  Unusually…

Signs in the City

As the city continues to discuss and formulate fair and safe ordinances regarding signs in the city, our Municipal Attorney Steve Sorenson presented to our City Plan Commission. This presentation was information to help guide next steps. As a resident or business you can learn more about what goes into…

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