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The sirens in the City of Waupaca will activate when:

• The National Weather Service places Waupaca County/City of Waupaca under a TORNADO WARNING.
• A trained weather spotter observes an actual funnel cloud and the sighting has been confirmed.
• When there are straight-line winds or downbursts in excess of 90 mph.

Even if the sirens are not activated, you should not hesitate to take shelter if you feel the weather is dangerous. You are responsible for your own safety! OUTDOOR warning sirens are used to warn people who are OUTDOORS. Do not rely on hearing them in your home. Sirens can be damaged during a storm before a tornado develops and will not activate. If a storm approaches while you are sleeping with the windows closed, air conditioner running, television on, etc, you will likely not hear the OUTDOOR warning siren. 

To stay safe during severe weather you should use a variety of sources to include:
• Know what the weather forecast is for the day and monitor it for changes.
• Own a NOAA Alert Weather Radio. The radio will activate INDOORS for severe weather watches and warnings.
• If the skies indicate an approaching storm, take the initiative and turn on your television and radio. In addition, there is a wealth of internet and social media sites that can give you current weather information.
• Sign up for weather alerts on your cell phone.

There are many tools out there to give you information about severe weather. It is your responsibility to stay safe during a severe weather outbreak!

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