SYS- wellness challenge

SYS- City of Waupaca Wellness Challenge- Patsy Servey

Second Annual MSWalk for Kimberly

My friend Kimberly was diagnosed last spring with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 18. This is an unusually young age to be suffering from this particular disease and as a result she has difficulty finding support groups she can fully relate to. Only one month after her diagnosis she formed a team of friends and family to participate in the national fundraiser MS Walk. She does not receive any of the funds raised by this event because it all goes to MS research. Kim is not yet at the stage where she needs funds for personal assistance and equipment but knows that day will come. Our team name is Fellowship of the Cure and to date we have raised over $900 since March 2015. I hope we can continue to aid this research and may someday have opportunities to raise funds for Kim’s personal needs. Our families have been friends since I was in high school and I remember the day Kim was born. She inspires me by being strong and brave and cheerful in the face of an uncertain future.

Photo shows left to right Becky, (Kimberly’s mom) Kimberly, Patsy & Andrew (Patsy’s son)

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