Today I made my first visit to the Health and Fitness Headquarters as part of our monthly challenge and to take advantage of a pretty significant benefit the City is offering me this year.  I decided to pay to have a personal trainer help set up a training regimen for me.  Shannon asked me about my goals for the training and she tailor made a workout to meet those goals.  With this introductory program I get two 1 hour sessions to familiarize me with the equipment and to show me how to do the workout.  This additional service is $59.  Well worth it because I don’t know jack about working out.  I’ve been fortunate in my life to be fairly active and I haven’t struggled with weight until recently that is as middle age creeps in.  Riding the stationary bike over the winter just isn’t producing any results.   It’s was a bit intimidating at first but I think I will be alright.  I am planning to ride motorcycles with my son Dwight to Austin, TX in late April and I decided I needed to build up my strength to get through this trip.   I now have 11 more visits to meet the 12 minimum visits to qualify for the drawing,   YIPPEE. 




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