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At the urging and encouragement of Jeri Allen and Linda Hoelzel, I joined the AAA (Arms, Abs and A$$) Class at the Fitness Center. On the very first class we were using barbells and weights which is something I have NEVER worked out with before. I have found that I am stronger than I thought and I look forward to each class. I want to thank the City for the membership to HFH as I truly appreciate it!

-Sandy Stiebs-




The Red Hot Chili Steppers (AKA Sandy Stiebs, Barb Robbert, Jeri Allen & Kathy Kasza) participated in the City Health Insurance carrier, WCA Group Health Trust, Fitness Challenge.  For 6 weeks our team participated in the challenge and ranked 14th in the 1-4 participant group (129 teams group total).  Although we didn’t win any of the top prizes we did win in the drawing for being a diligent reporter.  We posted points each of the 6 weeks.  We had a total of 979 points.  It is a fun activity and an easy way to use points we were already using for the City’s wellness program.

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