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Quitting Bad Habits in the Month of July!

Good Work everyone!


#1)      Barb Robbert

            For the month of July the bad habit I gave up was being on my phone or watching tv at bedtime. This was hard to give up, as I was on my phone / watching tv almost every night. I can’t say that I felt like I got better sleep, but I know how bad it is for you, hopefully I can continue not being on my phone or watching tv without the challenge as an incentive.

#2)      Kathleen Daly

            I chose to not drink soda/pop for the July challenge.  I thought it would be easy and felt a little guilty about it.  However, as the month wore on, I realized it wasn’t as easy as I thought. 

At home I was OK because I had things like ICE, Bai, and Crystal Light in the house.  Away from home was a different matter.  To find something besides water to drink that had flavor other than iced tea when out and about was almost impossible.

The August challenge may limit my soda consumption compared to how much I would drink before the challenge.  I did have a Diet Pepsi today just because I could!    But right now, I’m thirsty and will be heading for the tap.

#3)      Patsy Servey

              There are not a lot of habits to quit when you already “don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do” and are wheat free, dairy free, sugar free (mostly).

I decided to quit the habit of eating late in the evenings before bed. My husband works third shift and we often eat as late as 8-9pm so I have made a conscious effort to eat earlier, even if he is still sleeping, and to stop snacking while watching a movie or reading in the evenings.

Even though cutting out wheat, dairy and limiting my sugar intake had not done much to help me loose weight, I lost over 5 pounds by cutting out evening snacking. This brought me below that barrier of weight loss that I could not seem to break, so this was a very successful month for me.

#4)      Paula Reedy

            I quit eating seasoned varieties of popcorn.

This was the perfect challenge to help me quit a bad habit I’ve been meaning to work on.  I love popcorn, especially if it is flavored.  I especially like the white or yellow cheddar and have even visited special popcorn places for even cheesier varieties.  Popcorn can be a healthy snack but not with all the added sodium and whatever seasonings (chemicals) are added.

I also tend to eat the whole bag or bowl.  The month is coming to an end and I have not eaten any at all.  This challenge has helped me to walk past the popcorn at the grocery store, the gas station, the break room at work and the cinema.  I shared with others that I quit for the month and I believe that helped me stay on track.   I did it for the month and I am confident that I will do it indefinitely.  I’m going to keep trying!

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