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The City’s Street and Wastewater Divisions routinely inspect, maintain, and clean the sanitary sewer mains to keep them flowing freely.  There are some things that you can do to keep your home’s sewer system, as well as the City’s sewer system, trouble-free.

Recycle motor oil, gasoline, kerosene, paint, and other toxic materials at the proper facility.  Please do not pour these toxic liquids down the drain.  Deposit all cooking grease, shortening, eggshells, and coffee grounds in the trash.  Do not flush them down the drain, even if using a garbage disposal.  Never flush rags, baby wipes, cigarettes, personal hygiene products, sanitary napkins, hair, or other solid material.  Many products say “FLUSHABLE”, they are NOT and can lead to expensive repairs. Know where your lateral is and do not plant trees directly over a lateral or sewer line.  Root growth in lateral and sewer lines is problematic.  If you’re having trouble with or have questions about your sewer line, call the City Street Division during regular business hours M-F 7:00am – 3:00pm at (715) 258-4421.  You must contact the City prior to any work done on your sewer lateral.

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