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The City of Waupaca Police Department is looking to fill the position of administrative Assistant. This position is an integral component to the overall operational efficiency of our organization. Candidates for this position must be organized professionals with strong skills in solving office problems and managing office records. The primary tasks of this position includes developing and implementing effective office procedures, responding to public inquiries, maintaining law enforcement records and serving as a link between the Chief of Police and other law enforcement officers. Strong computer skills, and knowledge of state statutes and local ordinances are necessary to perform data entry pertaining to this job. Typical work hours are Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm with City recognized Holidays off. Depending on qualifications, starting salary range is S41,600.00 – S49,836.00. A full list of job duties and requirements can be found in the attached job description.

City of Waupaca – Employment Application

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