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The City of Waupaca is getting ready to host a managed deer hunt to help reduce the deer population within city limits. The purpose of this is to help mitigate damage to plants and deer/vehicle accidents within the city limits.

Here are the details of this managed hunt:

• Hunt Time Period – January 15, 2021 – March 31, 2021
• Hunt will occur on large tracts of public and private lands – City Airport, Recycling Center/Cemetery and Well 2 (Washington St.) (as examples).
• Hunters must have a valid bow license issued by the state of Wisconsin and may only hunt with the type of bow which they are permitted to use (i.e. compound vs crossbow).
• Hunters who are issued a tag must purchase a $10 bow discharge permit from the Police Department. This must be ready by January 15th. Permits are good for two years.
• City staff organizing the hunt will meet with the selected hunters to explain rules of the hunt such as hours and locations.
• Cost to process any deer taken will be at the hunter’s expense. If a hunter does not want the deer it will be donated to Bread Basket Inc. here in Waupaca.
• Background checks will be done on all hunters selected.

Hunters can sign-up below if you have interest in participating. Signing up expresses interest only and does not guarantee that a tag will be issued. Priority will be given to land owners and local residents.

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