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The City of Waupaca is planning to provide garbage and recycling pickup starting in 2022.  The plan would be to contract with one of the private regional waste haulers to provide weekly garbage and bi-monthly recycling pickups.

Why did we determine this?

  1. A majority of city of Residents will save more than $30 per month for this service.
  2. A survey found that 90% of respondents were in favor of City providing this service
  3. Many neighboring communities provide this same service.
  4. The routine service and convenience should reduce trash in parks, roadways, lakes and streams.
  5. Convenient recycling bins promote sustainability and reduce material to landfills.

What are the details?

  1. Each single-family resident will be provided the service.
  2. Multi residential up to 4 units will be provided the service.
  3. Garbage pickup will occur weekly, recycling pickup every-other week.
  4. 96 gallon tote for each garbage and recycling will be provided.
  5. The monthly service cost will be included on water/sewer bills, which is expected to be $10 or less per month.


What you can do to prepare:
*Review your current pick up service terms.
*Coordinate with your hauler to end service by January 2022.
*Watch the presentation made to the Waupaca Common Council on May 18 at City of Waupaca Facebook page.
*Be on the lookout for future notices… more information to be provided at the Waupaca Common Council meetings in October 2021.

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