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The city of Waupaca will remove leaves and brush that have been placed by residents on the terrace area throughout the month of April. This pickup is intended for the disposal of leaves, limbs and branches that are generated by the property owner from normal yard maintenance and upkeep.. This service is not intended for tree removal, lot clearing or the removal of bushes, whether performed by a contractor or property owner.  City crews will not collect materials produced by private contractors or trees cut down by property owners. Absolutely no garbage, appliances, furniture, tires, etc.

Note the following guidelines:

*Leaves and brush shall not be deposited on the street or roadway.

*Leaves shall be in clear garbage bags, not to exceed 35 pounds & tied.

*Brush shall be tied in bundles with twine (Do Not Use Wire).

*Limbs and branches shall not exceed 3 inches in diameter and shall not be longer than 5 feet.

*No attached or unattached tree stumps or tree root systems will be collected.

*Any item not in compliance will not be collected by the City & will be left on the terrace area for the resident to remove.

You can take your leaves and brush to the Recycling Center during the hours listed below if you would like your leaves and brush cleaned up before they are able to get there.

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