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The City of Waupaca’s Shared-Ride program is returning to full ridership. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic public transit was limited to single riders only as of March of 2020. The result of this restriction was a reduction in capacity by almost 75% for each trip. This resulted in longer wait times and higher demand on the system. We are happy to report that we received the go ahead from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to return to a full capacity Shared-ride service. This change should result in lower wait times when demand permits. While full ridership has been restored there is still a federal mask mandate for public transit that requires all passengers and drivers to wear a mask when traveling. Onboarding is not permitted without one. This is expected to continue until September 13, 2021. For more information citizens can visit

Waupaca Taxi continues to sanitize the vehicles and be mindful of not transporting symptomatic riders or riders that have a known, higher potential risk of exposing staff and patrons of the service.

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