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Fulton Street intersection work is nearly complete. All concrete is in and just needs time to cure and get proper strength. Next week we will pave asphalt to tie into the sideroads (W Fulton, E Fulton, and S Main). Right now, with good weather… Fulton St intersection should be open first thing Tuesday morning (6/15).

More concrete next week for everything north of Fulton. Sidewalks, curb, and roadway should all be placed next week.

We have heard a few comments about the “rolling” of the sidewalk. The sidewalk meets all American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Meaning that the slope and pitch must stay under a certain percentage to allow people of all mobility types access. Right now, it may look a little awkward but it also eliminated a number of steps into buildings which furthers access to buildings downtown. The plans were closely reviewed by state and federal agencies to ensure compliance. Other communities have gone through this same process.

Work items most likely the following week… concrete bases for future street lights, colored concrete between the curb and sidewalk.

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