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The Friends of Waupaca Parks is currently working in partnership with the City of Waupaca Parks and Recreation department on a capitol fundraising campaign to upgrade the Swan Park playground area.  Upgrades would include a splash pad, poured in place rubberized surface, inclusive play structures and a bathroom.  This project was created to enhance Swan Park and make our community a destination for residents in Central Wisconsin.  Our goal is to create a play area that is fully inclusive for everyone to enjoy. 

Update: September 15th:

Waupaca’s Swan Park Playground and Splash Pad Proposal Receives a Tentative Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant.

The Friends of Waupaca Parks and City of Waupaca Parks and Recreation has received a tentative grant of $334,464 through the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Thanks to this tentative award, the Friends of Waupaca Parks group has come closer to raising the needed $700,000 to complete the Swan Park Playground and Splash Pad project.

The $1.4 million dollar proposed project at Swan Park includes a state-of-the-art splash pad, new ADA-compliant play structures, poured-in-place rubber surfaces and new restroom facilities. This project will create a safe and accessible space for water play and traditional playground use for everyone in our community.  “I am very thankful for the time and effort that the Friends of Waupaca Park and our grant writer, Greg Grohman, have put in to achieve this. This award gets us a lot closer to our ultimate goal for the community, but we still need the community’s help to push us over the edge,” says Andrew Whitman, Waupaca Parks and Recreation Director.

To learn more or make an online tax-deductible donation to the Friends of Waupaca Parks go to:

The City of Waupaca also learned they are receiving tentative awards through the Recreation Trail Project fund for $9,500 for boardwalk restoration at Swan Park and $36,184 to repair the blighted section of River Ridge Trail at the Waupaca Eco Park.

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