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The City of Waupaca will provide garbage and recycling pickup starting in 2022.  The service will be provided by Graichen Disposal & Recycling LLC.  Graichen will be dropping off 2 carts before the end of the year for each residential unit in the City.  Of the 2 carts, 1 cart will be for weekly garbage pickup and 1 cart will be for every-other week recycling pickup.  The charge for this service will show up on your water/sewer utility bill as refuse and recycling charge of $13.92.  If you currently use Graichen, you will stop receiving bills from them as of January 2022.  If you have service through someone else, you should call them and ensure billing and service stop as of January 2022.  All the regional haulers have been notified by the City of Waupaca of the change in service.

For billing questions, please contact 715-258-4422.  For questions regarding future service, missed pickups, accepted garbage and recycling material, please contact Graichen at 920-982-4116.  More information will be posted at the City of Waupaca website.

Click here to learn more about the new city-wide program.

Here are answers to commonly asked questions:

Why is the City doing this?  The City researched the number of residential households and the average cost for garbage and recycling services.  There are approximately 1,800 residence that spend on average $33 per month for garbage and recycling services.  A City-wide pickup from one contractor will cost each residence $15 per month.  The savings per month to the average residence is just over $200 per year.  Factoring in the entire City this creates a $388,000 savings for the community.  Furthermore, results from the survey in 2020 showed that 90% of City residents would prefer garbage and recycling service through a single contractor. 

How come we weren’t notified sooner?  The City providedinformation of the upcoming service in the newsletter that accompanies the water bill in March 2021, June 2021, August 2021, and September 2021.  The program was discussed during City Council public meeting in September 2021.  Other media outlets including Facebook, radio, and newspaper articles have been circulated throughout the 2021 calendar year.

When will the new totes arrive?  The totes will be delivered by Graichen Disposal & Recycling LLC sometime in mid-November.  The specific date(s) to be provided soon.

What should I do with my old totes?  Your current provider should automatically end service and arrange for pickup.  If you currently use Graichen, you can still reach out to them to ensure you have the right tote size and number of totes.  However, these details are being handled by the City of Waupaca.

When will my garbage and recycling be picked up?  Garbage will be picked up weekly, recycling will be every-other week.  A haul route and pickup schedule will be provided soon.

Do you know that GFL is “buying out” Graichen? Yes, the City is aware of this.  The City will sign a contract with Graichen to lock in the submitted pricing for the next 5 years.  It is our understanding that Graichen will continue to operate as a branch of GFL.

Is there an opt-out option?  No, the opt-out option was considered but determined to not be the best option for Waupaca.  Many other communities in Wisconsin and Waupaca County provide garbage service and nearly all do not allow an opt-out.  We concluded that no opt-out provides the best price and service for all residents.

Will the WRRCC stay open?  Yes, the WRRCC will still operate as normal and all services still provided to City residents.

Can I request an additional tote?  Yes, please contact Graichen directly to coordinate additional totes for either garbage or recycling.

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