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Due to the rising costs of fuel, a fuel surcharge may be applied on your refuse and recycling bill.  The fuel surcharge is applied by GFL when the cost of ultra-low sulfur No, 2 diesel raises above $4.00 per gallon.  For every $0.25 rise in fuel, the cost of services will increase by 1%.  We anticipate a surcharge of $0.73 to be applied in April. The charge is based on the past quarter average and will fluctuate accordingly each quarter.

We would also like to remind you that cardboard must be broken down before placing boxes and large pieces in the totes.  Overfilled or jammed totes may prevent GFL from emptying your totes, as scheduled.  Also ensure that totes have 3 feet of separation from each other and other obstacles like power poles, mailboxes, fire hydrants, and trees.  We thank you for your consideration.

Starting in May, recycling will be picked up every 2 weeks (opposed to 1st and 3rd week of the month).

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