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Project Growth is a $20 million grant program designed to help solve the challenges facing Wisconsin’s child care system and bolster the state’s economy. The program offers two grants aimed at making high-quality, affordable child care more accessible and sustainable across Wisconsin. The City of Waupaca has received a $75,000 grant from this program to help address child care needs.

The Partner Up! grant program focuses on supporting partnerships between businesses and child care providers by offering funding to businesses who purchase slots at existing regulated child care providers. Funding for this program is through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act and will be awarded based on existing community child care needs throughout Wisconsin.

The Dream Up! Child Care Supply-Building grant program focuses on building child care supply through a collaborative community approach. Funding for this program is through the Preschool Development Grant – Birth to 5 (PDG B-5) and will be awarded to 30 communities around the state to help create new child care businesses and enhance existing providers through expansion, new programs, and other offerings.

Pictures from the grant presentation program. Held June 2, 2022 at Waupaca City Hall.

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