High & Harrison Project|

Crews completed all the sanitary sewer main installation at the beginning of the week.  they then switched to installing water main; starting from Fulton Street and work south through Union and making it just over halfway to Highland Drive.  Water main will continue being installed next week and looks like we are on track to complete that item  There will be some water service shutoffs starting Monday (6/20) as the crew completes tying the new water main to the existing water on Union Street.  Property owners effected by this shutoff should have received notice.

After all the water main is installed, we pressurize the main to ensure proper installation and integrity.  The water is also disinfected and tested for safety.  This process takes several days to complete.  While there is some downtime, the crew will switch to other work items in the construction zone.

The crew may start installing water and sewer laterals by the end of the week. When this occurs, home owners will be notified prior to any possible service shutoffs.  

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