High & Harrison Project|

All the sanitary and water main installation is complete.  Crews are now working on the water and sewer laterals, plus replacing a couple old hydrants near Highland Drive.  The lateral and hydrant work will continue into next week.  Service disruptions are expected and notification will be provided as usual.  Utility work on Harrison St is not expected to start until mid-July.  As we progress in the next couple of weeks, updates on the Harrison St closer will be provided with more details.

After all the utility work is complete a new crew will mobilize onsite to start working on building the new roadway.  Heavy gravel work and concrete work is scheduled in a few weeks.

For additional information please go to:  https://www.cityofwaupaca.org/category/highharrison/

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or request for additional information at:

(715) 258-4420 or jberrens@cityofwaupaca.org The picture below shows a new hydrant (laying on the ground) and the old hydrant to be replaced in the background.  The piping leading up to the new hydrant will be an 8-inch line whereas the old hydrant was served by a 4-inch line.  The upsizing means improved safety when fire-fighters need a lot of water responding to emergencies.  The upsizing will also ensure good water pressure for the homes on High St.

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