High & Harrison Project|

A lot of work was completed this past week!

All of the curb and gutter was placed on High Street.  Now we need to wait for the concrete to cure and gain strength.  While we wait crews will continue to work to get driveway approaches and sidewalks ready for concrete.  This work will continue into next week.  Concrete crews should be back by mid-next week to begin pouring the driveway aprons and sidewalk.  We are working diligently to reduce this time and get the residents access back to their driveways as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patients it takes about a week for concrete to be strong enough to drive on.  More information will be provided next week regarding driveway access.  In the meantime, residents can start parking closer to their homes.  

Work on Harrison Street also continued with crews abandoning the old water main.  This required digging in the Fulton Street intersection, Granite Street intersection, and Center Street intersection.  Next week, crews will return to finish up storm sewer work in the Center Street intersection.  There may be a couple days on Harrison with no construction activity as we will wait for concrete crews to finish on High Street and transfer over to Harrison Street.

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