High & Harrison Project|

Topsoil, seed, and hay was placed on High Street from Fulton to just south of Union Street.  It was also placed on the entire stretch of Harrison Street.  Next week this work will continue on High Street, again working to the south towards Highland Drive.  High Street will remain closed to all traffic except for those that live on the project and will stay closed until new pavement markings are in place.
Work on Harrison Street occurred during the past week with crews prepping for future asphalt.  New gravel was placed in areas where the old pavement was removed for utility replacements.  These areas were also patched with asphalt.  The milling machine did not arrive on schedule but will be onsite next Monday (9/26) to grind down the existing asphalt from Fulton Street to Granite Street. The paving crew is scheduled to return before the end of the week to place the new layer of asphalt over the top.  The concrete crew will return in the middle of the week to fix a small section of curb and address a few minor issues.

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