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With the cooperation of EPA and WDNR, the City of Waupaca Water Utility is assessing the amount of PFA’s in it’s drinking water and wastewater.

PFAS is a general acronym to describe a large list of man-made chemicals.  The PFAS family is broken down further and described as PFAs, PFBS,and PFOS.  The scientific names of these chemicals are not included as we want you to read to the end and not fall asleep.

PFAS are synthetic chemicals used in a wide range of products because of their ability to repel water, grease, and oil. PFBS has been identified in environmental media and consumer products, including surface water, wastewater, drinking water, dust, carpeting and carpet cleaners, and floor wax. The assessment is part of EPA’s efforts to increase the amount of research and information that is publicly available on chemicals in the PFAS family.

As we progress through the assessment, we will publish information as it becomes available.  For more

information, please go to

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