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Over the years, customers have lost thousands of dollars in utility scams. If you think a scammer is targeting you, hang up! It’s not rude; it’s safe. Directly call your utility billing department (whether the City or other utilities) if you have questions about a call, email or text you’ve received, and contact your local law enforcement if you’ve fallen victim to a scam.

Scammers may:

• Pretend to be from one of your local utility companies. They may even manipulate caller ID or leave a recorded message that sounds like it’s from the company.
• Threaten to turn off your energy right away.
• Demand immediate payment — often by prepaid debit card, third-party apps like Zelle or Venmo, or unusual payment methods such as bitcoin.

If you are ever unsure, hang up and call the customer service phone number on your official bill for confirmation.

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