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Adopt a Fire Hydrant

If your property is in the vicinity of a fire hydrant, the Waupaca Water Utility and Waupaca Area Fire District would appreciate it if you would adopt the fire hydrant and shovel the snow away from it.  Please shovel a 3 foot area around the hydrant.  It is important to keep the snow and ice removed so the Fire Department can locate and access the fire hydrant in case of an emergency.

Water Meter Protection

Prevent your water lines from freezing by:

  • Turning off water to outside faucets, drain and leave faucets open.
  • Make sure all basement windows are securely closed. Repair broken panes.
  • Repairing cracks or holes in the foundation. Insulate along floor joists.
  • Making  sure all rooms containing water pipes are kept above freezing, especially if house will be vacant.
  • During sub zero weather, leave cabinet doors open under sinks, especially if pipes are on an outside wall.
  • If the water meter is enclosed in a cabinet, leave the door open so that heat can circulate during the winter months.
  • If your water pipes freeze, we recommend using a hair drier to thaw them. Never use a blowtorch or any open flame to thaw pipes.  Please check areas near your water meter and connecting piping to protect from freezing or damage due to construction or remodeling.   The average cost to repair a frozen or damaged water meter is $30.00.  The cost of protection and repair of your water is at your expense.

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