August 25th, 2014

Exercise #9

The fifth Visioning meeting started off with a discussion and critical thinking exercises on designs of the public right-0f-way and the relationships that exist between streets, sidewalks, and related amenities. The goal was to express preferences for appearance and function.

The second part of the meeting focused on educating members on historic buildings in the area and overall history of Main Street. This included opening day of trolley services in 1899, the Potato Bake and Barbeque in 1912, a flood in April 1934, and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and how to add buildings to National and State Registers.

Exercise #10

Exercise #10 Results Historic Preservation

Exercise #11

Referred back to Exercise #7, which focused on event planning. Building off of that included event planning and relationships to place. That is where do events take place and where do board members envision events happening in the future related to existing events.

Exercise #11 Results Events and Place


Committee Meeting Notes 08.25.14