Applications & Permits

The Municipal Code of Waupaca, Wisconsin provides certain minimum standards, provisions, and requirements for safe and stable design, methods of construction, and uses of materials in building and/or structures hereafter erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, converted to other uses or demolished and regulates the equipment, maintenance, use, and occupancy of all such buildings and/or structures.

Permits must be obtained and authorized before any building within or into the City including projects that enlarge, alter, move, demolish, or change use within the City.

New 1 & 2 Family Dwelling General Information

General Construction
General Construction includes the building of structures for commercial and residential use, additions to existing buildings and improvements like siding, windows, decks or interior remodeling.
Applications with Guides
          Building Cross-section

Building Permit Application

          Deck Permit Application with Guide

Roofing Siding Windows/Doors Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Simple Building Permit Application (Used for razing a building, moving a building, installing a tower, garden shed, ramp, or similar project only involving one contractor.  This can be used for both commercial and residential projects.)

Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application (1 & 2 family dwellings only)

Additional Information

Typical Deck Framing Plan

Deck Specifications

Accessory Structures

Accessory structures are typically used for a primary purpose and are located on the same piece of land as the main structure, but with the intent of acting as a secondary use. Common examples include a detached garage or storage shed, as well as swimming pools, gazebos, generators, boathouses, and similar buildings. A permit is required for construction of, or any improvements on, such a structure.

Applications with Guides
Additional Information
All electrical work in the City must be done by a master electrician certified by the State of Wisconsin. Any electrical work requires two complete sets of plans and specifications showing in detail the electrical work for which the permit is required. Plans must be approved by the City Inspector, after which an electrical permit will be issued. The electrical contractor will notify the City Inspector when ready for rough and final inspections.
Applications with Guides

Electrical Permit Application

Additional Information

Arc Fault Information for Homeowners

Arc Fault Protection in Dwelling Units

A permit is required to install heating, cooling, and ventilating equipment in a building and/or dwelling. Upon final completion an inspection by the City of Waupaca Building Inspector is required for all projects.
Applications with Guides
Additional Information
The construction, connection to or repair of any waste drain or water supply lateral pipe requires a permit. No plumbing in the City may be installed without first filing a complete set of plans with the Plumbing Inspector who will then issue a permit. Minor repairs to faucets and the removal of stoppages or waste pipes are not included.
Applications with Guides

Plumbing Permit Application

Affidavit of Plumbing Testing

Additional Information

Canopy and Awning

A permit is required to install canopies and awnings. Those constructed along a block on a street shall not be constructed in such a manner to restrict the viewing of signs and other ornaments along the block. This includes obstructing signs on adjoining properties. Canopies and awnings must be suspended from the building with no support upon the sidewalk or public street. Additional permits are required if the electrical service or wiring is installed.

Applications with Guides
Additional Information

Public Utilities
Permits are required for any work that affects municipal utilities. This includes the City water system, natural gas, and sewage. Most commonly work includes private wells, tank system closures, and street excavation which may be required for work relating to any municipal utilities.
Applications with Guides

Agreement Providing Accessibility to Water Meters

Street Excavation Permit Application

Underground Liquid Storage Tank Registration

Tank System Service and Closure Assessment Report

Additional Information

Tank-System Site Assessment Guide

A property owner or contractor wishing to build a fence must have a permit to do so. Fences within the City of Waupaca may be on a property lines, but height restrictions are in place depending on whether it is for commercial or residential properties.
Applications with Guides

Fence Permit Application with Guide

Additional Information

Safety is a top priority of the City of Waupaca. Please see the the attached rules and brochures below related to such important topics as wiring, smoke alarms, EPA renovator rules, and lead paint. Permit wise, a building permit is required when an interior sprinkler is replaced or added; if part of a larger project, a permit is not required.
Applications with Guides

Additional Information

EPA Renovator Rules for Homeowners and Contractors

Fall Protection Rules Change

Renovate Right Brochure EPA

Residential Detached Garage Wiring Requirements

Small Business Compliance Guide for Lead Paint

Smoke Alarm Brochure

UDC Carbon Monoxide Brochure