CDBG Housing Committee

The Community Development Block Grant Housing Committee (CDBG) provides assessment, planning, development, implementation, and amendment of programs under the CDBG Program of the Housing and Community Development Act. The CDBG Program, funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and administered by the State,  provides assistance for housing and community development projects benefiting low and moderate income persons. This can include participation in services and contracts relating to construction and maintenance.

The CDBG is a part of the Community and Economic Development Department and is responsible for establishing policy and making recommendations related to funding to the City Council which then reviews and votes on projects.

Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

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  • John Ryan, Chairperson E819 Rural Rd. Box 603, 715.258.2721
  • Julie Thompson, 202 Prairie View Ct., 715.258.5590
  • Dick Phillipsen, N1381 Hwy 22, 715.256.0163
  • Alderperson Dave Peterson, 205 N. Morton St., 715.258.7079
  • Paula Hoewisch, 822 Royalton St., 715.258.2007