Code Compliance

What are the rules for grass cutting?

All weeds and grass shall be kept cut to a height not to exceed one foot.

What are the rules for snow and ice removal?

The owner or occupant of a lot or parcel abutting on a sidewalk within the City shall clear said sidewalk of snow or ice to the width of the sidewalk within 24 hours of the cessation of any snowfall. If ice forms so that it cannot be removed, such person shall keep the sidewalks sprinkled with a material which will reduce the risk to pedestrians of slipping and falling on such sidewalk. Snow not timely removed and ice not timely removed or sprinkled shall be deemed a public nuisance, as provided in sec. 10.05(13) of this Code.

The owner or lessee of every lot or parcel in the City shall not by himself/herself or his/her agent push, plow or otherwise deposit snow from within his/her lot line onto the public street or alley.