Community Development Authority

The Waupaca Community Development Authority was created to stabilize, protect, improve, and support the industrial and commercial base within the City of Waupaca. Board members promote community and economic development throughout the City. The Community Development Authority seeks to preserve the quality of life for all residents by establishing additional job opportunities and increasing the City’s tax base by helping businesses invest in the City.


Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

No events



  • Mayor Brian Smith, Chairperson 111 S. Main St., 715.258.4410 ext. 1229
  • City Administrator Henry Veleker, 111 S. Main St., 715.258.4411 ext 1222
  • Lori Chestnut, 650 W. Union St., 715.258.5686
  • Archie Overby, 1014 Berlin St., 715.258.3406
  • Tom Carlson, 916 Brainerd Dr., 715.258.5552
  • Mary Phair, 965 Thomas Trl., 715.258.9498
  • Brennan Kane, 111 S. Main St., 715.942.9904