December 1st, 2014

The final Downtown Visioning Committee of 2014 included a presentation on a rough draft of a vision guide. Based on previous meetings it is not intended as a master plan, rather an overview to guide future discussions. Each board member will be reviewing it and editing it. Edits will be returned to Brennan Kane, director of Community & Economic Development.

Parking and street schematics were focused on heavily. Based on previous discussions and feasibility it was determined that one way streets and bike lanes will not be discussed further during the visioning process.

Seven different parking schematics were presented. It was determined that any changes will not reduce overall parking, both on and off street parking. The different schematics can be found in the meeting minutes below.

Committee Meeting Agenda 12.01.14

Vision Plan Draft

Committee Meeting Notes 12.01.14 (part 1)

Committee Meeting Notes 12.01.14 (part 2)

Committee Meeting Notes 12.01.14 (part 3)