Demographic and Regional Data

The following documents contain general information for the City of Waupaca, its surrounding communities, and the County of Waupaca. The Waupaca community and its population are continually evolving. Information is updated annually, and in some instances quarterly.

Demographic information are available for the City of Waupaca and surrounding areas at different mile increments. The data provided below includes population, age distribution, sex, race, households, income, labor force, housing, and educational attainment levels from 2013.

Consumer Spending information on the City 0f Waupaca and surrounding areas includes consumer expenditures on apparel, personal care, entertainment, utilities, education, reading, food and beverages, tobacco, gifts, transportation, healthcare, household furnishings and operations, shelter, and miscellaneous expenses from 2013.

The City Retail Market Place Profile provides summaries by industry group and details leakage and surplus by industry group and subsector.

Labor Force information on the City of Waupaca and surrounding areas includes the total number of establishments and employees. Also, included is the number of businesses and employees by type and employees by occupation as of 2013.

The data on wages are from 2013 and is comprised of information from South Central nonmetropolitan Wisconsin. This includes median and mean wages broken down hourly and annually by occupation.

Provided by Zillow, the report on housing in Waupaca provides a comparison of the Waupaca housing market to the nation. This includes affordability date such as the value of single family homes, median list prices, the percentage of owners versus renters, and annual change.

The Waupaca County Community Report is an abbreviated look at Waupaca County. It includes population, labor force, job growth, education, the number of colleges in the community, and household budget information for the approximately 52,000 residents of Waupaca County.

Economy Overview for Waupaca County, compiled by Economic Modeling Specialists, provides a detailed look at jobs, earnings, and unemployment by industry in the county as well as regional trends: educational attainment, age, and growing and declining occupations and industries.

Except otherwise noted, the information available has been provided by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation: Locate in Wisconsin. Further information can also be obtained by calling the City Community and Economic Development Department at 715.942.9910.