The City of Waupaca is pleased to provide financial incentives and technical assistance for downtown property owners and businesses wishing to upgrade their buildings. Eligible properties are located within the Downtown Incentive Program District boundaries.

The Downtown Incentive Program includes two separate grants: the Façade Enhancement Grant and Building Repair Grant. The purpose of the grants are to:

  1. Provide incentives to maintain and upgrade downtown historic buildings
  2. Incentivize new downtown development
  3. Encourage new housing development and investment
  4. Upgrade existing downtown housing

In addition to the two grants, the City can provide technical assistance to downtown business and property owners. Technical assistance may include assistance with navigating historic tax credits and applying for additional non-City grant or loan funding.

Grant applications are accepted anytime. To be considered for approval at the City’s CDA monthly Committee meeting (held 3rd Monday of the month); applications are due by the 1st Monday of the Month. Please confirm times/dates with program contact below.

For more information please review the program summary, program guidelines, and application materials linked below. If you have additional questions please contact Andrew Dane at or 920.585.3593

District Boundary and Program Summary

Guidelines and Applications


Please Submit a W-9 Form with Your Application

Additional Resources


Do any historical preservation requirements apply to buildings receiving financial assistance?

Proposed projects must meet all applicable building codes and zoning requirements.  In addition, the following rules apply:

  1. Per program guidelines, any building within the district that is not listed on the local historic register and does not seek to use State or federal historic preservation tax credits should be rehabilitated in a manner that is consistent with and reflects the intent of the Waupaca Downtown Plan and Main Street Design Guidelines. Please contact City staff to discuss your project early in the planning process.
  2. Per the City’s historic preservation ordinance ( any property listed on the local registry must receive a certificate of appropriateness in order to make modifications to the building. See the City’s website for a list of locally designated historic buildings.
  3. Building owners wishing to utilize State of federal historic tax credits must comply with the secretary of Interior‘s rehabilitation guidelines.

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