Project Background

The overall purpose of the EDRS is to accelerate Waupaca’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, while building a local economy more resilient to future economic shocks.

The Consultant (Place Dynamics) will work under the City’s Community Development Department. The City will also establish a Steering Committee, which will provide strategic input into Plan development. Members of the Steering Committee include:

Ben Lyons
Holly Cloutier
Jeff Spindler
Kanwall Singh
Kent Pegorsch
Maureen Mondello
Paul Hagen
Ron Saari
Tara Turner
Terri Schulz

Project Goals and Objectives

  1. The consultant will work in close cooperation with the City of Waupaca and its economic development partners, to ensure that the ERDS reflects the specific needs and challenges of the Waupaca community.
  2. Analyze and summarize Waupaca’s existing demographics and economic assets including strengths in manufacturing, government, retail, and tourism-related employment.
  3. Identify opportunities for Waupaca to adapt to the shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic on the hospitality, retail, and manufacturing sectors.
  4. Identify opportunities to promote and support entrepreneurship, business start-ups, and technology-based businesses

Project Work Plan

Project Deliverables

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