Workforce Development

The City of Waupaca is committed to providing the tools needed to have individuals succeed in the workplace. This includes making accessible resources from not only the City, but also the County and the State of Wisconsin.

At the State level Governor Walker signed the Wisconsin Fast Forward program into law in March 2013. This program helps address the need for skilled workers. Worker training grants have been created under the program, which may be made available in the City of Waupaca. A component of the program includes resources to create uptodate labor market information. Such information will connect job seekers and employeers with available jobs. Labor market information on the City of Waupaca and the County and surrounding areas can be found below: More information on Wisconsin Fast Forward can be found on the State’s site.

Careers in Manufacturing

Waupaca County Summary (February 2014)

Workforce and Wage Data

Please note that between 2008 and 2012 the Bureau of Labor Statistics recategorized Waupaca County from East Central Wisconsin to South Central Wisconsin. As a result the area Waupaca County is now included in differs from 2008 and as a result the data provided cannot be used for a direct comparison from 2008 to 2012.