Specific   Complaint

Department/AgencyResponsible Phone
Abandoned vehicles on public streets Police Department 715.258.4400
Animal control—dogs running at large (daytime), licensing and   vaccination of dogs, dead or injured animals Police Department 715.258.4400
Animal control—barking dogs, poisoning of animals, possession of   fighting animals Police Department 715.258.4400
Animals—too many, unsanitary conditions Police Department 715.258.4400
Buildings, dangerous or substandard Code Enforcement 715.942.9908
Fire hazard Fire Department 715.258.4434
Emergency Fire (24 hours) 9-1-1
Garbage—overflowing garbage cans or dumpsters Code Enforcement 715.942.9908
Code Enforcement Code Enforcement 715.942.9908
Graffiti – Private Property Police Department 715.258.4400
Graffiti – Public Property Public Works 715.258.4420
Hazardous Waste – Residential/Commercial/Industrial City-County HealthFire Department 715.258.6409
Furniture on porches and yard Code Enforcement 715.942.9908
Noise disturbances Police Department 715.258.4400
Signs, illegally posted Code Enforcement 715.942.9908
Snow and ice on public sidewalks Code Enforcement 715.942.9908
Storm drains—illegal dumping Public Works 715.839.4934
Street trees—trimming Forestry Department 715.258.4420
Vegetation blocking sidewalk, obstructing signs or obstructing   vehicle sight lines Streets Division 715.258.4421
Inoperable vehicles parked on private property Code Enforcement 715.942.9908
Vehicles – parked on unimproved surface Police Department 715.258.4400
Vehicles illegally parked on public streets Police Department 715.258.4400
Weed abatement, long grass Code Enforcement 715.942.9908
Zoning occupancy issues and questions Community Development 715.258.4404

City of Waupaca, 111 S. Main Street, Waupaca, WI 54981

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