The code enforcement process is typically initiated in several ways:

  1. In response to a complaint by an individual; or a neighborhood association
  2. Observation of a code violation by City staff as they patrol the community and do their jobs;
  3. As a consequence of an action (for example, an application for a building permit or a request for a zoning variance).

The City relies on residents to help identify possible code violations, particularly in these areas:

  • Snow and ice on public sidewalks
  • Illegal signs, such as advertising flyers and portable ground signs
  • Graffiti on public or private property
  • Long grass and weed violations
  • Illegal dumping of garbage and debris
  • Abandoned and/or inoperable vehicles
  • Illegal dumping of oils and other hazardous materials into storm drains
  • Overgrown foliage blocking stop signs, impeding sight of driveways or making corners dangerous
  • Parking regulations in residential neighborhoods – on-street parking and parking on lawns
  • Overflowing garbage or other garbage problems
  • Zoning and occupancy issues
  • Housing maintenance issues

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