No person shall plant any other vegetation, except for grass for lawns, in a public area without the written permission of the Forester. Vegetation planted in public areas shall not exceed a height of 30 inches

There shall be an unoccupied triangular vision clearance space at the street corner of a corner lot which is bounded by the street lines and a setback line connecting points 10 feet from the corner on each street line. In the case of arterial streets intersecting with other arterial streets or railways, the corner cut-off distances establishing the triangular vision clearance space shall be increased to 50 feet. No obstructions such as structures, parking or vegetation, except for necessary highway and traffic signs or public utility lines, shall be permitted in any district between the heights of 2½ feet and 10 feet above the curb level.

No person shall plant, grow or maintain any tree, shrub or other vegetation on any City street corner lot within the clear vision triangle which may obstruct the vision of the operator of any motor vehicle or pedestrian approaching such intersection. Any tree, shrub or other vegetation obstructing such view between the heights of 2½ feet and 10 feet above street grade shall be deemed a public nuisance.

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