February 6th, 2014

Exercise #1

Introductory meeting of the Downtown Visioning Committee included introduction of board members and examining the community identity. Each committee member listed qualities and characteristics that defined, currently define, and what should and could define the community of Waupaca and contribute to its identity and sense of place.

Historic identities included the Waupaca Foundry, Chain O’ Lakes, and the Gazebo/Band Stand.

Current culture was identified as water resources, arts and festivals, and recreation and parks and trails.

Future characteristics that committee members hope to bring to fruition include having downtown as a hub, a year round destination, and a strong business climate.

Exercise #1 Results 02.06.14

Exercise #2 and Exercise #3

Defining the boundaries of downtown and its residents. Compared the study area and the greater zone of influence.

Exercise #2 Results 02.06.14

Exercise #3 Results 02.06.14

Exercise #4

Identifying the downtown assets

16 separate mapped responses. Notable responses included retail shops, theatre, and trees on Main Street.

Exercise #4 Results 02.06.14