May 12th, 2014

In the previous meeting, committee members were asked to identify 10 spots.

The most common responses were the Riverview Park, Holly History Center, Rosa Movie Theatre, and the Library (programs) and City Hall.

Committee members also presented missing business types, events and organizations. Top responses were a shoe store, bakery and deli, micro-brewery and winery, and men’s clothing store. Events committee members feel are needed are art walk, historic tours, and greater store coordination. Finally, the most organization or group committee members felt was most crucial was a Main Street Program followed by coordination of plantings and window displays.

After reviewing the previous meeting’s exercises committee members partook in a downtown walking tour. This tour, guided by City employee, Brennan Kane, allowed members to specifically examine parking, sidewalks, street design, aesthetics, and place-making opportunities.

Committee Presentation 05.12.14