Property Assessment

How do I get information on a property such as age, square footage, etc.?

General property tax and assessment information is available online through the Waupaca County website:

The City of Waupaca provides a limited amount of assessment information online through

AssessorData also provides professionals with web access at a cost of $1.20 per property record report (professionals) if additional information is desired.

What if I feel my assessment in incorrect?

If possible, speak with the assessor to discuss your assessment. This is not a requirement but is highly recommended. Minor errors and misunderstandings can often be corrected by meeting with the assessor without initiating a formal appeal.

What is the Board of Review?

Board of Review is a formal hearing process for bringing your concerns about the value of your property before a board comprised of residents of the City of Waupaca. In order to appear before the Board of Review the property owner or owner’s representative must file an objection form with the City Clerk. A hearing will be scheduled for your case with the Board of Review by the City Clerk’s Office. You must then appear before the Board of Review and present evidence that has bearing on the value of your property. BOARD OF REVIEW HEARINGS ARE FOR PRESENTING EVIDENCE OF VALUE OF PROPERTY AND ARE NOT FOR DISCUSSING TAXES.

What property qualifies for property tax exemption?

Property in the State of Wisconsin is generally taxable unless it is specifically exempt from tax by the state legislature. The legislature enacted state statute section 70.11 that lists about 40 categories of specific exemptions.

If we are exempt for federal income tax purposes (example: 501(c)(3) corporation), do we automatically qualify for property tax exemption?

Federal income tax exemption does not guarantee property tax exemption. The income tax is governed by federal law and the Internal Revenue Code while local property tax is governed by state law.

What do I do if I think my property qualifies for property tax exemption?

Fill out a Wisconsin Department of Revenue exemption application form and file this with the local Assessor. This application must be filed by March 1st of the year for which exemption is sought. This form must be filled out in entirety in order for the Assessor to make a completely informed decision. This form is not required for manufacturing property, which must be considered by the state for classification.

If I get a Building Permit, won’t my taxes go up?

MAYBE – Remember the new bathroom or deck will increase the value of your home when completed and taxes are based upon assessed value. But, not all new projects increase the assessed value simply because many projects only maintain your property’s value. New additions or garages, though, will have a greater impact on your assessed value than siding or windows or a new roof.

But think about it – If you let the condition of your house start looking rundown, whether inside or out, the actual value will go down, your assessed value will go down, and if you want to sell, your asking price will go down to match the condition of the property.

Keeping up appearances with new siding, or roofing, energy efficient fixtures and mechanicals, and keeping your property up to current standards and codes, not only helps preserve your value, but also the values in your neighborhood.

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