Property Assessment

Property Assessment

The Property Assessment division is responsible for placing and maintaining equitable market value property assessments on all real and personal property in a cost-effective and uniform manner. The assessor does not create this value, but rather interprets what is happening in the marketplace.  The work is performed by professional assessors that are knowledgeable and well-versed in standard appraisal practices.

Also, the City Assessor is not involved in the collection of property taxes for the City; Waupaca County is responsible for that function.

You may view online property tax and assessment information on the Waupaca County website:

Online Property Tax and Assessment Information

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The following information is available in our office:

  • Sales & ownership information.
  • Property information such as age, lot size, living area, zoning, number of rooms, etc…

For any specific data or questions please contact Ronda Rollins  at 715.942.9910