What are building setbacks and how can I find out the setbacks for my lot?

Building setbacks are minimum distances by which any building or structure must be separated from a property line. Measurements are taken from the nearest point of a building or any projection thereof. These setbacks assure the adequate distance to provide for supply of light and air, fire protection and more generally to assure the health safety and general welfare of property owners.

Setbacks requirements by specific district can be found in Chapter 17 of the City of Waupaca Municipal Code or can be obtained by contacting the City’s Community and Economic Development Office at 715.258.4404.


How do I locate my property lines?

The City of Waupaca does not locate property lines.

First, obtain a copy of your property’s legal description (if you don’t have a copy, you may be able to get this from the Waupaca County Register of Deeds located at 811 Harding Street, Waupaca WI, or copy of the plat map for your subdivision. Using this information, try to locate your property pins – iron rods inserted into the ground in each corner of your property (you may need to use a metal detector to find them). Stringing a line (or laying a garden hose) between those pins will give you a fairly accurate idea of where your property lines are.

You may also want to hire a surveyor to determine your property corners and property lines.

What is the zoning for a particular property?

You can contact the City’s Community and Economic Development Department at 715.942-9910 to find out a property’s specific zoning.

Can I establish a business in my own home in a residential zoning district?

The Home Occupation section of the Zoning Code allows some types of business in residential areas. Due to concerns for the neighborhood, there are certain restrictions on the types of businesses allowed and the methods of operation. We advise contacting the Community and Economic Development Department and speaking to our Director prior to making any decisions or purchases regarding a home occupation.

Are chickens allowed in the City of Waupaca?

No person shall keep chickens in R-1 and R-2 District without obtaining a valid permit issued by the Community and Economic Development Department and registered with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection “Livestock Premises Registration Application”.

The permit process requires a completed Permit to Keep Chickens accompanied with a fee of $50 per household. The permit application is subject to regulations and notifications for keeping chickens detailed in the application. The permit year shall commence on January 1 of each year and permit shall expire on December 31 of that year. The permit is non-transferrable and non-refundable.

An annual renewal requires a completed Permit to Keep Chickens Renewal accompanied with a $20 annual permitting fee.

The City of Waupaca Zoning Code also permits poultry in the Agricultural District as part of an active farm as detailed in Chapter 17.210 of the City of Waupaca Zoning Code.

As of November 1st, 2005 new legislation requires registrations for anyone housing livestock, including poultry, regardless of the number of animals. More information can be found here.

I would like to place an off-premise sign advertising my business, service or organization, along city streets or on other property. What are the City’s requirements concerning this type of signage?

This type of signage is prohibited by the City of Waupaca. Off-premise signs are defined as signs which advertise products, or businesses which fare not located on the same location as the sign. An owner’s permission to place a sign on property does not allow having the use of the sign.

Where can I find the Covenants and Restrictions of my subdivision?

When subdivisions are recorded, covenants and restrictions are usually recorded with the plats which place certain restrictions on properties within the subdivision. Copies of these documents can be obtained at the Waupaca County Register of Deeds located at 811 Harding Street, Waupaca WI.

What is a Certificate of Appropriateness and when it is required?

The certificate is issued by the City of Waupaca Historic Preservation Commission. It approves the alteration, rehabilitation, construction, reconstruction or demolition of a historic structure, historic site or any improvement in a historic district. A certificate must be obtained before any building permits will be issued. Call the Community and Economic Development Department for more information.

How do I apply for a rezoning, special use permit, site plan review, certified survey map review, plat review, or annexation?

All these applications are available on this website. Further information about these applications and the processes they pertain to can be found in Chapter 17 of the Municipal Code, also known as the Zoning Code.

Will the City locate my property corners?

The City of Waupaca does not assist private property owners in locating property irons, surveying private property, or locating property lines between properties. A property corner, property corner monument (iron), or property line can ONLY be determined or verified by a survey performed by a Licensed Land Surveyor.

Can you tell me the size & dimensions of my lot and the Zoning District I am in?

YES – Contact the Community and Economic Development Department at 715-258-4404 for specific information.

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