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Construction businesses working in Wisconsin under the following codes need a contractor credential issued by the state Department of Safety and Professional Services – (codes covered) Electrical, Uniform Dwelling, Smoke Detectors, Passenger Ropeways, Amusement Rides, Gas Systems, Boilers and Pressure Vessels, Anhydrous Ammonia, Mechanical Refrigeration, Commercial Buildings, Plumbing, Public Swimming Pools, and Sanitation.

– Licensing provides identification for state agencies to share info about who’s claiming contractor tax status, paying for workers compensation, and unemployment insurance.

– This supports fair competition.

– Contractors can get codes and training information

– Property owners can find contractors who are not transient.

– On-the-job identification of contractors helps protect against employers misclassifying employees as subcontractors.

These are the contractor credentials the business may hold:  

– Building Contractor Registration (not required as of 7/2/2013; 2013 Wisconsin Act 20)

– Dwelling Contractor Certification

– Dwelling Contractor-Restricted Certification

– Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification

– Electrical Contractor Certification

– Electrical Contractor-Restricted Certification

– Elevator Contractor License

– HVAC Contractor Registration

– Liquefied Gas Supplier License

– Liquefied Gas Supplier-Restricted License

– Manufactured Home Dealer License

– Manufactured Home Installer License

– Manufactured Home Manufacturer License

* There are possible forfeitures of $250 to $1,000 for contractor companies which work without appropriate credentials or contractors which have the correct credentials, but hire subcontractors which do not have the correct credentials.

The two most common contractor credentials in Wisconsin are the Dwelling Contractor Certification and the Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification. A Dwelling Contractor Certification (issued to the business) must be partnered with a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification (issued to the individual) in order to get UDC permits.

Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) page to apply for various trades or professional credentials.

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