Top Area Employers

Waupaca is home to a variety of outstanding companies and organizations that have a local, regional, national, and international impact with their products and services.

Major manufacturers or other large employers by size of workforce in Waupaca include:

Employer Employees Website
ThyssenKrupp Waupaca Gray & ductile iron products 1,366
WI Veteran’s Home Long-term veteran care 740
Waupaca County County government/courthouse 500
Waupaca School District Education facilities 350
Riverside Medical Center Hospital/emergency Services 340
Bethany Home Skilled nursing care 200
Journal Community Publishing Publishing & printing 148
Pick N Save Groceries 122
Alliance Industries Industrial painting, sand covers 115
Piggly Wiggly Groceries 81
Crystal River Nursing & Rehab Nursing/assisted living 79
Gusmer Enterprises Specialty paper products/filters 70
Kmart Discount shopping 60
Faulks Bros. Construction Earth products 50
Waupaca Small Businesses
A vital sector of the Waupaca business community is small business. Entrepreneurship is indeed alive and well in Waupaca, and city officials consider small business operations to be as important to our long-term economic health as our largest employers.  Waupaca has more than 600 businesses including a diversity of small businesses from boutique retailers and specialty professional services to numerous restaurants, high-tech manufacturers, agricultural equipment dealers, and construction businesses.