What’s New?

State Level News

Wisconsin’s adopting of the 2011 National Electrical Code standard finally was completed as of December 1, 2013. As what usually happens, Wisconsin has changes that are in addition to, and has some sections of the NEC 2011 code that are not enforced.  This is reflected in the states Electrical Code section SPS 316.

Continuing Education classes presented this spring by state officials also noted that Residential Masters can work as Commercial journeyman, and a Residential Journeyman can work as Commercial beginner.  Residential Master? yes that’s a new designation of electrical certification that replaces Master Electrician-Restricted.

Rules for Water Heaters Used as Space Heaters


Wall Bracing Rules

Just when you started getting familiar with the current system of new construction wall bracing, they are changing the rules.

Here is the brochure on the new methods, and how to use them.

Wall bracing compliance worksheet.