Downtown Visioning Committee Introduction

Along Main Street you will find dozens of locally owned shops and restaurants, each providing its own unique contribution to the character of Waupaca. Main Street is filled with historic buildings, convenient access to the river, pedestrian walkways, and public amenities, including the Waupaca Area Public Library. Having a distinct and well defined Main Street area has allowed the City to separate itself, making it the cultural hub of the greater area.

Because of the importance Main Street has in our community and the role we strive to have it continue to play in the coming years and decades, the City of Waupaca and regional partners  formed a downtown visioning committee with its first meeting occurring in February 2014. It has been our goal that this committee will be able to further improve our downtown by providing information for a Main Street reconstruction. Main Street suffers from aged infrastructure, handicap ramps in poor condition, and poor drainage.

Our first year can be summarized by not only establishing the Committee, but by defining current and past characteristics of the community, framing issues, seeking input from residents, and addressing appearance and functions. Because of these steps, as we enter into a new year and a new phase, the Downtown Visioning Committee is proud to state it has a rough draft of a vision guide which coincides with visualizations of specific gateways for the Main Street area and for an expanded and re-designed riverfront green way, as well as parking schematics.

We hope that you will continue to help us prepare Main Street for the future and follow the journey as we continue to build on vision for Main Street and turn it into fruition.


Brennan Kane

Director of Community & Economic Development

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